Before Segmentation

Insight: 90% of players consume less than 10% of the game content.

Insight: 80% of revenue comes from a small group of players who consume over 50% of the game content.

The majority of new players in a freemium game churn at the beginning of the game. However, the majority of a freemium game’s revenue is generated by mature players who progress deeply into the game. Game developers therefore waste huge amounts of resources on acquiring players who never engage with the game’s virtual economy, let alone convert and monetize.

Micro Segmentation

Gondola records a variety of metrics in real-time, thereby generating highly accurate “thumbprints” for a wide range of player personas. Gondola’s micro segmentation allows for thousands of ways to customize prices and improves the individual’s game play experience, churn probability, engagement, retention, conversion and - ultimately - monetization.

Clustering & Customization

Individual players are assigned to pricing clusters based on a multitude of dimensions. Players move between clusters as they mature in the game. The boundaries of each cluster are constantly reevaluated by Gondola’s machine learning algorithm. The result is a unique, customized game experience for every single player.

Gondola Highlights

Millions in Revenue Managed

Gondola’s dynamic pricing engine manages millions of dollars of recurring game revenue on a monthly basis.

Multi Platform

Gondola is compatible with iOS, Android, Facebook, Mac and PC.

API Enabled

Gondola can be implemented on either the client side or the server side. Our custom API has three main components:

  1. Load prices based on the player progress
  2. Record player progress
  3. Push back analytics to Gondola in order to improve prices

Optimize Virtual Goods and IAP's

Gondola automatically adjusts the prices both virtual goods and IAPs, managing your entire virtual economy.

Players Love It

No random A/B testing.
No fairness concerns.
No community backlash.
Just happy players enjoying customized experiences!