About Us

Niklas Herriger and André Cohen co-founded Gondola in 2013. Both left their previous careers to pursue a long-held passion for game development. Prior to founding Gondola, Niklas was an established intellectual property attorney, and André was pursuing his Ph.D. in computer science. After the two established their own game development shop, they saw a market need for more efficient pricing in games. They engaged with industry and academic experts, and within a year, they co-filed for a patent on dynamic pricing in games.

From the outset, we at Gondola have cherished our independence, and focused on developing a strong technical foundation for our product. We deliver targeted and effective pricing to some of the biggest brands in gaming. Our focus has allowed us to offer our customers a product that is tailored to their player base, and that yields greater returns, in both revenue and retention.

Niklas Herriger Founder & CEO

André Cohen
Founder & CTO

Robert Phillips

Rob Dyer

Jeff Hilbert

John Spinale

Raghu Iyengar
Scientific Advisor

Eva Ascarza
Scientific Advisor

Stani Milev
Communications Advisor

Naveen Agrawal

Jojo Sich


Address 7 West 18th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Phone Number +1 917 410 0229

Email info@gondola.io