Offer & Video Ad Optimization for Games

Leverage Machine Learning to boost your live ops. Iterate quicker, learn more, and grow faster.

Target Optimization

Gondola’s Target Optimization takes advantage of your game’s existing offers and chooses the best one for each player. Our patent-pending machine learning engine collects 30+ metrics to generate player profiles and make real-time decisions on who to show which offer.

Unlike common A/B testing, you can have multiple variants of an offer working together at the same time. Create additional offers with new art, rewards, and price points and easily add them to Gondola’s optimization.

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25 Gems

Rewarded Video Ads Optimization

Keep rewarded video ads relevant for your advanced players. The right amount of gems will increase ad revenue and engagement.

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No SDK Required!

Gondola’s server-to-server API connects directly with the vital analytics of your game. With our single, custom API call, your game can fetch offer and rewarded video ad optimization suggestions and simultaneously supply updated player profile data to the Gondola server.

   "gondola-application": "57beee6e0a4a40fb9df506c9dc5632a0",
   "gondola-user": "8773ca31ea1a490b95a7bf3b0b89c579",
   "analytics": [
      {"metric": "xp", "increment": 1200},
      {"metric": "battleWon", "set": 50},

   "promotions": {
      "starter_pack": "intro_offer",
      "vip_sale": "expert_deal"
   "rewarded_video": {
      "gems": 25

Full Control

Choose the optimization strategies that suit your game. Have Gondola manage all your offers, sales, campaigns, promotions and video ads. Test new variations, iterate. Our dashboard puts you in control!

Live Ops

Improve your work efficiency and make your life easier. Gondola is the perfect live ops optimization tool. Manage your offers, evaluate your campaigns, boost your video ads, all with one tool.

Real-Time Performance

Stop waiting for other people to analyze your game. Gondola's real-time analytics dashboard visualizes performance changes the moment they happen.

Non-Authoritative API

Gondola's API optimizes your game, it doesn't take over the game. Our optimizations fit right in with your games existing services.

Lifecycle Management

Every F2P game goes through different phases through its lifetime. Adjust your game as it matures. Keep your offers, promotions, IAP and video ads relevant to all your players, new and old.

Boost your User Acquisition

UA is really expensive. So how do you get your LTV to be bigger than your UA expenses? It’s all about the marginal rate of return. With Gondola, you will sell more, and increase your LTV. As a result, you will also increase your ROI for your UA expenses. Make your marketing guys happy!

Any Platform, Any Engine

Gondola's API is compatible with Apple AppStore, Google Play, Facebook, Steam, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It also works with all major game engines, including Unity, Cocos2D, and Unreal.