Improve Conversion

by tailoring specific prices for each player

Reduce Churn

by lowering prices for frustrated players to engage them

Boost Revenue

by charging every player what he is willing to pay

Discover your true revenue potential

Gondola is the most popular dynamic pricing platform for games. It dynamically adjusts prices for both virtual goods and IAP based on player behavior. See your ARPU improve within weeks.

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What stands between you and monetization?


Problem: Players who find your game too hard or too easy will lose interest.

Adjust the difficulty of the game for individual players by customizing the prices of virtual goods for them.


Problem: Players who cannot progress your game get frustrated and churn.

Prevent churn by offering stuck players high value items at very affordable prices.


Problem: Because every player has a different conversion point, only very few will start paying at a fixed IAP price.

Setting an individual IAP price for each player will increase conversion organically.


Problem: High-spending players see the same IAP prices as casual players.

Monetize whales properly with higher prices while maintaining low entry prices for casual players.

Gondola Highlights

Multi-platform SDK

Compatible across all your platforms. Gondola works with iOS, Android, Unity and Facebook.

Works with your game, too

Already tested in social casino, real-time strategy, match 3, hidden object, sports, endless runner... yours is next!

Manage them all

Gondola automatically adjusts both the prices for virtual goods and IAPs, giving you total control over your virtual economy.


Players have already been served prices generated by our patent-pending algorithm.

Players love it

Your community will love dynamic pricing, because it personalizes the experience for each player. Struggling players get a boost and strong players are challenged.

Take your game "as is"

Gondola optimizes your game "as is". No painful content changes, no costly user acquisition campaigns. Propel players deeper into the freemium funnel. See results in the first month.

Trusted By

Gondola improved ARPU, conversion and retention in Cut the Rope 2. Their custom SDK was easy to implement, and their support was great. We are already integrating Gondola into more titles.

Dmitry Gorshkov | Cut the Rope Series Product Manager at ZeptoLab

Gondola is great for boosting IAP revenue without the guesswork. The integration is straightforward and intuitive. Once implemented, Gondola's smart algorithms auto-optimize your in-game economy for you, and far more quickly than human analysts could match. It's kind of a no-brainer.

Nick Coombe | Co-Founder at Get Set Games

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